Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Stupid selfish immature children I work with.....

Well, here I am at work, twiddling my fingers again. I work with a bunch of spoiled brats. We have 5 scientists currently in our lab. 5. We don't go through a lot of consumable supplies but there are some we need to have here everyday. Like liquid nitrogen. Which comes in these giant huge tanks that will normally last us for about 3-4 weeks. And you have to go to the tank itself to get any. I purposely always order us two tanks so we should always have a spare about in case someone needs a lot of it for an experiment. It's one thing we can't really just drive to the other lab and pick up. Do you think any of them can be bothered to order a replacement tank when they finish one? Or even tell me, with the full knowledge that I can order it online and don't mind doing so for them? Yes, you guessed it, we're completely out. And I've got a rush project (aren't they all?) that needs it. And I get to be the one to call the VP and tell him that I won't be able to start it until probably Monday, possibly Friday afternoon. Oh, and this is my last Friday off for the summer with summer hours. And I've certainly put in my hours to deserve it! All because I work with a bunch of selfish children.


So I go hunting to find the culprit... who tells me, yeah, he used the last of it over a week ago but wasn't worried since he wouldn't need any more for atleast a month so he hadn't done anything about it...

*must resist urge to throttle co-worker*
*must resist urge to throttle co-worker*
*must resist urge to throttle co-worker*
*must resist urge to throttle co-worker*

Okay, I think I have it under control now...

Can you tell this has been happening a lot lately at work? Our admin characterized it exactly right in calling them selfish children. They'll look out for themselves and only themselves and expect their supplies to magically be there when they need them. Never mind the fact that we're each responsible for replacement ordering when using up anything. Or the fact I've made it quite clear I don't mind doing the ordering for anyone who wants since I'm the only one trained on the internet-ordering system. I even keep a logbook on my desk. All they have to do is come and write it in the book and I'll order it.

Okay, rant over...

Other than that life is good. We're still trying to figure out if we're going to make the New York Ren. Faire this year, we're running out of weekends to do it! We have confirmed plans for the Lakewood one (with real jousting! :) ) and tentative plans for the Pennsylvannia one. We really haven't done many of them this summer, but we have done a lot of gaming instead. And my skin with it's lack of sunburns is grateful too. You'd think a parasol and 40 sunscreen would be enough, but you'd be wrong. Oh well, it's a choice. And I choose not to get sunburns if I can help it, but if there's nothing else I can do (dressing in full cover in 35C heat is NOT an option) then I have to decide if I'm willing to simply not go out. And I'm not. I like to get out and enjoy summer while I can since I spend so much of it inside at work.

So that's my final thought for this post,
Go outside and enjoy life!

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