Thursday, August 05, 2004

First Post

Well, here I am sitting at work bored to death waiting for Brian to come pick me up. The stupid #@%#!#@ instrument has gone down, again. I'm floating around online looking for something to do when I think to check out my friend Mike's blog ( And decide I can do that, and maybe it will help family feel more connected to our lives if they can see the day to day stuff we do. It's our wedding anniversary and we've made plans to go out tonight so he's driven me to Inwood so he can have the car for the day. So now I'm stuck, and his cellphone is off. Oh, well! Life has been busy for us lately. Work is insanely busy, as usual for the summer, but we just had a new drug approved last week, so I guess it's all worthwhile. We're still gaming most weekends as much as we can. Brian's working on a few new mod ideas so we'll see where they go. Back to the grind for me, I guess!

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