Friday, April 13, 2012

Crazy Cat Mom

Percy's spring coat is starting to come in, and his mane is clearly showing. This makes me happy, because he's a gorgeous cat. And do note that he's MAYBE a third of the way grown in. But I'm rather afraid to see what he'll look like after his next shave on Saturday. He's in the early stages of kidney failure and has lost a lot of weight. (Almost a quarter of his body mass.) I'm afraid he's going to look like just skin and bones :( :( :( But the vet agreed that since it's his "normal" we should go ahead and do it. It will also (hopefully) prevent any extra throwing up from hairballs. We have enough of that from the kidney failure. Poor dude. But he is 17 years old and in fantastic shape otherwise. We're trying to prepare ourselves for what we know is coming, but it seems like he's got a while yet. The prescription food has helped a lot, hopefully he'll manage to put some of that lost weight back on!


milly said...

Hi Heather

Just found your blog. You have some beautiful stitching and hand sewing projects.

Percy is so cute - I hope he stays well for a long time to come.

Anonymous said...

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So sorry for your cat's health troubles. I can't help but sympathize to you about this problem. Though he looks incredibly gorgeous.