Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So, this happened, then that did, then the world turned upside down...

Or "Why I won't write any more final exams."

This latest course finishes the certificate, and I am REALLY wondering if the universe is threatening Brian to get me to just stop there and not get the full Master's. I don't know if I dare take any more, the next one might kill him.

First Final Exam:
(December) Brian gets Bronchitis that week. Acts like a typical man. Doesn't take enough care of himself or time off work. Spends New Year's Eve coughing so hard he tore the cartilage in his lungs. Spending New Year's Day waiting to been seen by the doctor (who is wonderful, and was actually open!!!) followed by waiting for x-rays was not how I planned to start 2010.

Second Final Exam:
(May) The day of my final, Brian has training at work. Calls me mid-afternoon, sounding odd. I finally get him to tell me what's going on. He got fired. From the job he loves, caring for people in group homes. Because he varyingly (depending on who was telling him what he'd done wrong and why he was being fired) both doesn't follow the rules enough, and is inflexible when dealing with the rules. He reports and documents found meds as per the rules. WRONG! He switches up breakfasts during the same week at the request of a client. WRONG!

Third Final Exam:
(August) I had my final on Monday morning last week, and Brian knew it had to be turned in by noon. Which is why he waited until noon to call and tell me he'd been in a car accident at 5am on his way into work, and was in the ER. And he refused to tell the hospital my number so they could call me. I truly love that man, but sometimes I want to smack him upside the head. Just not right now. It's too tender.

Long story short (like I'm capable of that, ha!) he'll be okay in the long term. He was rear-ended when he was already stopped. The other driver got out, and asked if Brian was okay. When Brian said no, and he thought he should call for an ambulance, the driver who hit him said "Oh shit!" and booked it out of there. Brian didn't get the plates. The police were called (thankfully there was a witness) and reports taken, but we don't have much hope they'll actually catch the guy. Brian spent two very scary days in hospital, but is home and resting more or less comfortably. We've a lot of follow-up doctor visits to come, some PT, and it'll be a while before he's back at work again. But he will be fine in the medium-long term, and that's what matters most!


Anonymous said...

Oh, somehow I missed that each of those things happened during one of your exams. Ummm....I know it's not connected, but yeah, I'd be double-thinking more classes, too.

(BTW, you have my old blog on your blogroll *g*)

kate said...

Hmmmm...I'd be telling him the wrong day - the day after the day of your final exams...or just refuse to tell him when they are for the sake of his own health.
Poor Brian. Poor Heather.

Februa said...

Holy Cow thats crazy Im glad Brian is ok!!!!
You need to make him watch more chick movies to make him a little less macho...Ive found Enchanted works well.

Februa said...

BTW, I didnt know my screen name wasnt something obvious like BECKY M...

kate said...

How's Brian coming along?