Friday, March 05, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I want to start this feature up once again. I often think we're so
rushed we don't take time to enjoy what we do have. So I'm going to
try, but not try to make myself come up with 7 things every Thursday.

I'm thanful for Spring Break. Not because I get one, Hah! But because
it means I get an extra week to study/prepare for my midterm exam.
And before the take home midterm is due. Yes, that's right, both a
take home and a regular written exam in one course. Oh fun!

I'm thankful for executive travel. Apparently that's how we got the
snow day last week... The normal exec's who *don't* call them were

I'm thankful that both of my icky-nasty-scary medical tests are done,
and that the results are negative for the worst one. (Still have to
wait a week for the other...)

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