Sunday, December 20, 2009


Was it wrong of us to laugh at poor Percy trying to see out the patio doors or at least figure out what was going on?

Out the same patio doors. The brown bits to the bottom right are the tops of our chairs, folded up and leaning against the table for the winter

Brian wanted to make sure I knew which spot I parked my car in 'cause he wasn't sure he'd be able to tell from a quick look out the front window.

This window is the opposite side of the house to the patio door. And the drifts come up all the way to the sill!

And last, but not least, don't you like my fabulous wrapping job on this present yesterday?


kate said...

Great pics Heather. Glad you got the snow you love!

Moonglow said...

Now that's what you call a snowfall. Sure beats what we've had here in the UK. :0)