Sunday, September 21, 2008


Remember the never ending border on the baby piece I've been working on on and off for about 8 months? No? That's okay, I've been deliberately trying not to bitch about it online... But... It's d-o-n-e DONE! I got in the last of the back stitch sometime late this afternoon and even continued on to the grass-from-hell backstitching. Which turned out to not be too bad after all. I think I might even manage to finish the grass given a long afternoon to work on it. So it may not look like a lot of progress, but to me it's two huge obstacles done! Wohoo!

Other than that, not much news. Still sick (and I strongly advise against flying with strep throat *and* and ear infection) and I have no stamina. We went to IKEA yesterday because they've got a whole line of their organizational stuff on sale 50% off this weekend and I felt like getting my papercraft stuff more sorted out. Sadly, I was fully out of steam just from walking through the lower level, taking shortcuts and having no wait at checkout. By the time we came home, I needed a nap, and you can guess how the organizing went. But today I got a start made on it, and can now easily find/pull/use/return specific types of card making/scrapbooking stuff when I need it. Each technique etc. got it's own little organized box. (IE Ribbons, embossing, inks, punches)


Anonymous said...

Oh, yay, congrats on finishing the border!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Can we see a pic?

Heather said...

Soon, I promise. I've got a lot of stitching planned this weekend and plan for an update! :)