Monday, May 12, 2008

My stitching mojo's coming back!


I just haven't been in the mood/able to stitch in months. But Friday night we put on a couple of shows we'd recorded and I pulled out the birth announcement with the neverending border. Saturday I worked on it a fair bit more. And Saturday night, I finished it! Not really, of course, 'cause it is the never ending border, but I finished all the major stitching for it. The best part was that it all lined up with itself. Phew, what a relief. Now I just need to fill in all 30+ mini-motifs and stitch the edge border... And, just for fun and a change of scenery, I did a full line across in the middle. How's that for daring? I even managed a little more on it during Sunday's gaming. Which was an absolute blast. I think Will's definitely up there on my list of favourite DM's! I'm so looking forward to Memorial Day Monday when we finish this 'honking big adventure'!

Loved the new Dr. Who (and I was so pleased to see the Ood back again) and BSG has me drooling for more and wanting the week to be over already. Now if only I could force them to run new episodes all year of that quality and never stop...

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Anonymous said...

Heh, I always get nervous when it's time to line up a border.

Glad your stitching mojo is back!