Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Quick attempt at a catch up post

So, what have we been up to lately, you ask?
Not much, not really, just:

Disney (Sept 20-23)

Next Weekend: Cambridge (Canada) for Brian's parents' surprise party the next weekend (which needs its own post but isn't getting it right now and I'm going to give up on waiting to type it up and add photos for now. Suffice it to say it went great!)

Next Weekend: Pennsylvania Rennaisance Faire. Except that we decided we were too tired and had too much going on so we wouldn't go. Instead, when I got up Saturday morning, I *really* wanted to go to my not-so LNS. At the least I needed to pick up something I had ordered for a Hallowe'en exchange. Then on Sunday, Brian decided he *did* want to go to CT for a game. I stayed home and tried not to get sick.

Next Weekend: Brian went up to CT for gaming. I'm truthfully not sure anymore what I did... I might have gone with him or I might have stayed home.

Next Weekend: Pennsylvania to see Bob and Sue. We had a great visit and it was nice to go relax. Spent Saturday at the Philly Zoo and really enjoyed it. Need to post photos from then too.

During this week, Brian got a full time job!! :)

Next Weekend: Brian up to CT on Saturday for more gaming, I stayed home to host more LG here at our place. Sunday's plans to do one of the corn mazes were rained out. I was rather relieved. We finally had a day at home to relax.

This past week: Wednesday I had a one day seminar in NJ and got to drive there and back for the day. Saw an instrument that could put me out of work. It did in 10 minutes what takes me weeks to do! Thankfully, it still needs a human to set it up, check it's working right, and interpret the results. And it's over $100k. I think I'll get to keep my job for now :) Got home in time for some of the Trick or Treaters (not many this year). Andrew, who used to live beside us even came by to say hi, see Brian, and especially pet Percy! We also ran over to Sharon's to see Stephanie in her adorable Dorothy outfit. Thursday night I went into Neutral Ground to game. In order to make the train to get there on time, I was at work before 6:30am. And the mod ran late, so I didn't get home until 2am. Uggghhh! But I had Friday off. Original plan for Friday: Go into the city on first non-peak train and spend the day relaxing/sightseeing/shopping/museuming/whatever-looked-fun-ing before going to see The Police at MSG. :) New plan: Brian worked Friday so I lazed around (and tried to sleep but failed miserably) and then we went into the city. Absolutely *LOVED* the concert. It was our first big "event" concert in the city and a celebration of Brian getting his work permission (and job!) We did book a hotel since otherwise we'd have had to be back on the train at 8am to make Saturday's plans: Worldwide Dungeons and Dragon Gameday. Got to NG with plenty of time and much better rested than if we'd gone home. Discovered that NG hadn't received their package afterall, so there was no mod to run! The five of us went down to The Compleat Strategist and played it there (I ate it so the others could play). Caught an early train home and relaxed for an hour before Jess's birthday party. Met great people and had a nice night out. Decided to skip the after dinner (10pm ish) group trip back to J&J's for Shaun of the Dead. Drove Jen and Steve (?) home instead and went to bed early-ish. Sunday Brian had planned two mods of LG at our place. I decided to skip the later one and just relax. Smart idea...

Phew! Are you exhausted yet? I know I am. I've been working very hard lately to not get sick, and (knock wood) have managed to so far. The next few weeks will be much quieter. I'm looking forward to it. No stitching photos I can show since all I'm working on right now is obligation stitching.

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You have indeed been very busy!!!