Friday, September 14, 2007

Rant Warning

What is it with people trimming their nails in public? I just don't
get this. I'm not overly prudish. Very few things people do offend
me. But I'd like to think I was brought up with some manners. And
I'd never consider doing that in public. And recently I've noticed a
trend that's driving me nuts! Apparently, it's become totally okay.

Take the last time I was out shopping for clothes. While waiting for
Becky in the changeroom (she found a *gorgeous* dress) at Macy's on
Labour Day, a woman came and sat down beside me, pulled out her
keychain and started trimming her nails with the attached nail
clippers! And left all the bits scattered all over the bench! Given
the fact that she even keeps a clipper on her keychain, I don't doubt
this is a regular thing! It just turned my stomach. Hell, I give
Brian a hard time if he doesn't clean his 'bits' out of the sink at
home! There have been several other times recently where I've noticed
people doing this. Like at the Dr's office a few weeks ago. And now
this morning, I'm sitting here at my desk at work listening to a
coworker trim her nails at her desk. I couldn't imagine doing that at
work. I'm all for good hygiene folks, but please! Have some decency!

Rant mode off...

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Anonymous said...

That is gross. when I was at work I have seen a guy into the guest bathroom and heard him trimming his nails. And that was in private. It was still gross and just the fact I could hear him doing it. Yuck!