Wednesday, May 30, 2007

123456 Switch!

I am slowly going crazy 123456 Switch
Crazy going slowly am I 654321 Switch

This is what happens when you've got ~300 chemists in a building, not
allowed to leave for the day, and all the computer networks are down.
So we can't do any actual lab work. We can't work on reports. We
can't surf the internet. We can't read the nice Baen Free Library
books we (okay, I) have stored on the drive. And we can't go home...

Our weekend was great. We went to CT on Saturday to game and hang out
with the Babcocks and Hallets (and Lee). Brian got in a lot of play
time with Tisiphone (sp?? Anyone?) We had a great day, BBQ for dinner
and a relaxing time. Sunday morning was very leisurely, then out to
breakfast and we took the ferry back. We've looked at taking the
ferry a number of times, but it's expensive ($60 for two adults and 1
car), doesn't save us any time, and the schedule generally sucks for
us. But since we were in no hurry, we thought we'd try it. It was a
neat thing to do, and we spent the hour or so on deck enjoying the
weather. Even with an SPF 50 sunscreen, I still got a little
sunburned in that hour on deck, but I refuse to not go out at all!
We probably wouldn't do it again with the car, but if we're just going
up to Milford as a day trip again, I'd be all for it. (Much cheaper
with no car.) No photos since I hadn't brought my camera with me for
the quick overnight trip. Got back and mostly just lazed around.
With my hand still largely out of commission, no gardening or
extensive crafts for me. Monday was spent relaxing at home, and going
to go see Pirates of the Carribean 3. We both enjoyed it a lot. Make
sure you stay through the credits though, as there is a little bit at
the end of them. I did stitch a little to see how my hand was doing,
and got about 4 threads done (on TW's Fantasy Triptych) before my hand
started getting sore, so I stopped there. URG!

Sent by email from the now functioning computer network. I wrote this
yesterday afternoon at work...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good time. We enjoyed having you guys around, and you're always welcome at our place.


Joanna said...

Have you tried stitching with your left hand, using your stand to hold it? It's awkward, though.

Sven said...

I like the new place.

Jan said...

Dude, I thought you would have blogged about the big vacation news?