Friday, October 07, 2005

Too Hyper for Words

I just had a call from our HR department, who are truly clueless about the importance of immigration documents. I royally reamed her out in fact after the last time I had to deal with her and she actually said "But what's the big deal?". But all might now be forgiven.

Next week we file for Permanent Residency!

Finally! After almost 6 years of hassles etc., the end is in sight.
I'm too hyper to work right now. But I'll be here for atleast another 6 hours. But I don't care!

Off to do kartwheels in her mind


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Okay, I'm not a regular reader, but I do enjoy an update (or several) when I check in. I can't pretend to understand the innerworking of the gamer's mind, but I luv ya anyway. Lots of chicken pox and general unwell for our girls. All done with that unti the winter colds start. Time for a flu shot yet? When do we get to see you again? I met Kristen's baby girl (Hannah) the other day. What a beauty. Are you coming to town for Christmas? We'll be around this year. Travelling little and spending lots of quiet time with our own Christmas angels. Take care!!