Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Okay, okay, here goes. This is just a really quick summary of what’s been going on.
Recent roundup of activities:

Met with Johanna, her husband, friend and friend’s husband for dinner at I-Con. Johanna is someone I know from an online group for cross-stitchers, and it turns out they’re both involved in the gaming world as well. Had a wonderful dinner and three hours of conversations with friends we’d never met yet. Had a blast! I have a longer post on that somewhere written by hand, but I keep losing it. And see Johanna, an update!

Went home for Mikey’s 30th birthday party. Had a great time. Are confirmed (again) as insane. 1200 miles in a weekend for a party. Got to see a lot of the old gang from highschool. Had some interesting breakfast conversations. Whew! Good luck guys, and just tell them! Saw my parents, brother and sister. Had great Neily-burgers. Couldn’t get a hold of Brian’s parents. Tried calling 5 times over the course of 2 days. Sorry to have missed them but don’t know what else we could have done. And see Mikey, an update! (I sense a theme...)

Went to New Jersey for a gaming con. Had a lot of fun, even if I was sick as a dog. I skipped two of the sessions in favour of sleep at the hotel. Made the right choice. Now have a semi-controlled ear infection, viral skin infection and chest cough from hell. And I HATE lilacs! This week is the worst one of the year for me with allergies.

Considering going to Pennsylvannia this weekend to visit Bob and Sue. KNOW that I am insane. Want to see them anyways. Probably not going to happen, but who knows.

Have brother and sister in law and 6 month old neice arriving in about 10 days (exact time of arrival unknown). Really excited about it. A little scared too, we’ll be looking after Natasha while mom and dad get to go to a grown-up thing. Go to the U2 concert. I hope they have fun. I know I will.

Started back at Weight Watchers. Going well, I lost 5 lbs last week (wohoo!). Look for more posts on weight loss to come. I talked with the Dr. and we’d both like to see me lose some more weight before other things happen. If you click the title of the post (and I've done it right) it should take you to my 'ticker'!

Gotta run, it’s organic chemistry night!


Anonymous said...


Resnick here. Just checkin' in. Hope you're feeling a bit better. Email me when you have a chance.

xxx said...

Thanks for coming up for the bday! (Okay, so I haven't visited the blog in a bit. *lol*) luv... "mikey"